Back on deck for another year and the exciting thing is I have a new studio, custom built and its an absolute ripper. Its easy to spend time here painting or just enjoying the space.

Spaces are something that interest me to record down onto canvas. Rooms, landscape, botanical construction and the space people hold between each other. A relationship of shape, colour and  spiritually charged presence.

Starting on a substantial new body of oil paintings - available for purchase towards the end of the year.

 Look out for details of how to view and purchase a bit further on in the year. Tammy

Uploaded: February 20, 2024

2023 looking forward

2023 looking forward

This year I will be spending some time on the structure and finer details of my practise which will allow me some much needed flexibility and at the same time preparing for a new body work looking at being available in the latter parts of 2024. 

Showing at Yallingup Galleries for 2024.

Uploaded: March 02, 2023

Uploaded: March 02, 2023

New Paintings 2023

New Paintings 2023

Currently working on a new collection of paintings due to open @ Blush Gallery, bottom of York Street Albany on the evening of 6th of January 2023 and will run through for two weeks of showing.

I have enjoyed taking my brush where my heart and mind wants to go loosening up at times and picking up the charcoal to combine with oil paint which is a technique I started using around ten years ago and I return to when I feel the need for a more lyrical approach.

As well as traditional favourites of mine such as Australian botanicals and landscape/seascape Ive manged to fit in a small series of interiors. The home to me is a sacred special place filled with warmth and curiosity and I enjoy painting these scenes immensely.

If you have an opportunity to pop into the gallery please do, I will be there opening night and if you are in the area let me know and I will be sure to get an invite to you.

Best for a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Uploaded: November 20, 2022



Valentines Day 2022 saw the opening of Joy, a wonderful initiative by Montauk lighting in Leederville Western Australia who presented a charity exhibition for Starlight Foundation, in particular a childrens hospital art program. It was an honour to be included in this special event and have my work sit among such stellar artists !

Coming up is THREE ARTISTS, a show of new and existing works at the Cannery Arts Centre on Norseman Road Esperance. Featuring Marcia Leonard, Pat McCarthy and myself, this exhibition should show an interesting mix of technique and mediums . Opens 9th of April and runs until the first week on May.

Mid year all going well , Warren and I are planning a three month motorcycle journey from Esperance to Darwin, this is going to be a beautiful opportunity to surrender to the moment.

The latter of the year will involve getting back to the studio to  prepare new paintings and perhaps drawings for showing at Blush Gallery Albany early 2023.

Uploaded: February 24, 2022

Upcoming Showings 2021

Upcoming Showings 2021

Upcoming Shows and New Collections 2021

Hosted by Silverstream Winery on Scotsdale Road in Denmark WA , I will be showing a new collection of works from the 25th of September until the 10th of October. Showing as a participant of the ArtsSouth Art Trail the showcase of spring inspired new oil paintings will be presented for viewing and purchase.

Saint Hildas Art Exhibtition 

A three day event of Friday, 29th, Saturday 30th and Sunday the 31st of October.

Held on the school premises in Mosman Park this annual anticipated event will be an opportunity to exhibit some new experimental pieces also for sale in an environment of todays West Australian contemporary artists.


Uploaded: June 15, 2021

A New Way in 2021

A New Way in 2021

For the past many years I’ve been fortunate to have a very wonderful place of contact and gallery display to showcase my work in the business I have shared with my husband, Baxter and Maree Image Specialists Esperance. March will be our last month here as we have sold the business and are looking forward to different things.

I will be looking toward presenting my work in other galleries I share a relationship with and I will also be ensuring my website is up to date with my newest work on offer as well as utilising instagram as a sales outlet. insta tammyandrewsartist

If you cant find what you are quite looking for - feel free to start a conversation as I will be opening up for commission bookings in 2022.

Thankyou for following me !

Uploaded: March 10, 2021

Elements III Exhibition

Elements III Exhibition

Pleased to announce the group exhibition Elements III which was postponed earlier in the year will be opening on December the 7th 2020 and running through to January the 9th 2021.  Open Daily @ the Cannery Arts Centre Esperance

Work featured from the brilliant likes of Jason Wooldridge, Caroline Abbey, Eimear O Connor, Naomi Stanitzki and myself. There will be metal and timber sculpture, beautiful artisan blown glass, photographic work, ceramics, drawings, paintings and homeware. What more could you want !

I’m presenting some paintings and homeware which follow my love and interest in interior design and the inspiration that can spark. Pictured is Welcome Bush

Its been fun to get into some intuitive mark making.

We have also opened a stockroom space in the empty store beside Baxter and Maree for the summer and its full of gorgeous statement pieces and an awesome clearance area also. Get along to 87A and 89 Dempster Street Esperance .



Uploaded: November 04, 2020



The year started so well…

Dates were booked , exhibitions were confirmed and little breaks away were on my mind.

Details have changed with isolation difficulties and most shows have been postponed to a later date and time will tell how this settles into a reality.

However opportunities shape shift and this has been a more productive time than expected.  I am solidly isolating in my studio - no real change here folks - and am working my way through back to back commissions taking me to the near end of the year !  Once the regional borders reopen Warren and I are hoping to get away and travel through Kalgoorlie and on to New Norcia , providing a body of visual fodder for future work.

Lessons were cut short two weeks early due to Lock Down conditions however I’m assuming all will be a go-go for mid October . Hope. Because of having to by- pass a block this year ,  we will be combining mixed alternative mediums and lino printing into the last eight week block of the year, totally doable ! 

Pictured is     Missy and Coco - Dogs on Another Rug  - commission

Uploaded: May 23, 2020

Open Studio October 2019

Open Studio October 2019

Home Front open studio opened over the weekend 12-13 October.

Spring rain was steadily gentle on the Saturday morning and the mood was good. It really was a lovely weekend and reasonable sales were made.

The open studio was something different in terms of gallery presentation and a bit of an experiment that proved quite successful. 

A portion of the remaining work can be accessed for viewing at Baxter and Maree , 87 A Dempster Street-directly adjacent to the post office town centre Esperance or contact me on 0429 199776 if there are particular pieces you would like to view.

My brushes will be put to rest for the remainder of 2019 . I will be taking a break with my husband and then helping out for the summer season at Baxter and Maree photographics, framing and gallery.

Until next year.



Uploaded: October 17, 2019

New Solo Exhibition Open Studio: Home Front

New Solo Exhibition Open Studio: Home Front

Open House/Studio

Saturday and Sunday 12th - 13th October 2019

Welcome to preview new work from 12 noon to 4pm at 14 Pink Lake Road (town end). Limited parking on site, a short walk from Civic Centre parking. Contact Tammy on 0429 199776.

Home Front - paintings we live in and other warm ideas.

A solo exhibition showing an extensive range of new oil paintings, charcoal drawings, hand painted lamps and a generous range of linen and silks.

Uploaded: August 07, 2019